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Modeling: Single body with material assignment#

In PyAnsys Geometry, a body represents solids or surfaces organized within the Design assembly. The current state of sketch, which is a client-side execution, can be used for the operations of the geometric design assembly.

The Geometry service provides data structures to create individual materials and their properties. These data structures are exposed through PyAnsys Geometry.

This example shows how to create a single body from a sketch by requesting its extrusion. It then shows how to assign a material to this body.

Perform required imports#

Perform the required imports.

from pint import Quantity

from ansys.geometry.core import Modeler
from ansys.geometry.core.materials import Material, MaterialProperty, MaterialPropertyType
from ansys.geometry.core.math import UNITVECTOR3D_Z, Frame, Plane, Point2D, Point3D, UnitVector3D
from ansys.geometry.core.misc import UNITS
from ansys.geometry.core.sketch import Sketch

Create sketch#

Create a Sketch instance and insert a circle with a radius of 10 millimeters in the default plane.

sketch = Sketch()[10, 10],, Quantity(10,
<ansys.geometry.core.sketch.sketch.Sketch at 0x1d7db0d38f0>

Initiate design on server#

Establish a server connection and initiate a design on the server.

modeler = Modeler()
design_name = "ExtrudeProfile"
design = modeler.create_design(design_name)

Add materials to design#

Add materials and their properties to the design. Material properties can be added when creating the Material object or after its creation. This code adds material properties after creating the Material object.

density = Quantity(125, 10 * / (UNITS.m * UNITS.m * UNITS.m))
poisson_ratio = Quantity(0.33, UNITS.dimensionless)
tensile_strength = Quantity(45)
material = Material(
    [MaterialProperty(MaterialPropertyType.POISSON_RATIO, "PoissonRatio", poisson_ratio)],
material.add_property(MaterialPropertyType.TENSILE_STRENGTH, "TensileProp", Quantity(45))

Extrude sketch to create body#

Extrude the sketch to create the body and then assign a material to it.

# Extrude the sketch to create the body
body = design.extrude_sketch("SingleBody", sketch, Quantity(10,

# Assign a material to the body


Download this example

Download this example as a Jupyter Notebook or as a Python script.