In this section, users are able to download a set of assets related to PyAnsys Geometry.


The following links provide users with downloadable documentation in various formats


If you lack an internet connection on your installation machine, you should install PyAnsys Geometry by downloading the wheelhouse archive.

Each wheelhouse archive contains all the Python wheels necessary to install PyAnsys Geometry from scratch on Windows, Linux, and MacOS from Python 3.9 to 3.12. You can install this on an isolated system with a fresh Python installation or on a virtual environment.

For example, on Linux with Python 3.9, unzip the wheelhouse archive and install it with:

unzip wheelhouse
pip install ansys-geometry-core -f wheelhouse --no-index --upgrade --ignore-installed

If you are on Windows with Python 3.9, unzip to a wheelhouse directory by running -d wheelhouse (this is required for unzipping to a directory on Windows) and install using the preceding command.

Consider installing using a virtual environment.

The following wheelhouse files are available for download:




Geometry service Docker container assets#

Build the latest Geometry service Docker container using the following assets. For information on how to build the container, see Docker containers.

Currently, the Geometry service backend is mainly delivered as a Windows Docker container. However, these containers require a Windows machine to run them.

Windows container#


Only users with access to ansys/pyansys-geometry-binaries can download these binaries.