Getting started#

PyAnsys Geometry is a Python client library for the Ansys Geometry service.


You can use pip to install PyAnsys Geometry.

pip install ansys-geometry-core

Available modes#

This client library works with a Geometry service backend. There are several ways of running this backend, although the preferred and high-performance mode is using Docker containers. Select the option that suits your needs best.

Docker containers

Launch the Geometry service as a Docker container and connect to it from PyAnsys Geometry.

Local service

Launch the Geometry service locally on your machine and connect to it from PyAnsys Geometry.

Remote service

Launch the Geometry service on a remote machine and connect to it using PIM (Product Instance Manager).

Connect to an existing service

Connect to an existing Geometry service locally or remotely.

Compatibility with Ansys releases#

PyAnsys Geometry continues to evolve as the Ansys products move forward. For more information, see Ansys product version compatibility.

Development installation#

In case you want to support the development of PyAnsys Geometry, install the repository in development mode. For more information, see Install package in development mode.

Frequently asked questions#

Any questions? Refer to Q&A before submitting an issue.