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Sketching: Basic usage#

This example shows how to use basic PyAnsys Geometry sketching capabilities.

Perform required imports#

Perform the required imports.

from ansys.geometry.core.misc.units import UNITS as u
from ansys.geometry.core.sketch import Sketch
from ansys.geometry.core.plotting import Plotter

Create a sketch#

Sketches are fundamental objects for drawing basic shapes like lines, segments, circles, ellipses, arcs, and polygons.

You create a Sketch instance by defining a drawing plane. To define a plane, you declare a point and two fundamental orthogonal directions.

from ansys.geometry.core.math import Plane, Point2D, Point3D

Define a plane for creating a sketch.

# Define the origin point of the plane
origin = Point3D([1, 1, 1])

# Create a plane located in previous point with desired fundamental directions
plane = Plane(
    origin, direction_x=[1, 0, 0], direction_y=[0, -1, 1]

# Instantiate a new sketch object from previous plane
sketch = Sketch(plane)

Draw shapes#

To draw different shapes in the sketch, you use draw methods.

Draw a circle#

You draw a circle in a sketch by specifying the center and radius.

[4]:[2, 1]), radius=30 *, tag="Circle")"Circle")

Draw an ellipse#

You draw an ellipse in a sketch by specifying the center, major radius, and minor radius.

    Point2D([1, 1]), major_radius=2*u.m, minor_radius=1*u.m, tag="Ellipse"

Draw a polygon#

You draw a regular polygon by specifying the center, radius, and desired number of sides.

    Point2D([1, 1]), inner_radius=3*u.m, sides=5, tag="Polygon"

Draw an arc#

You draw an arc of circumference by specifying the center, starting point, and ending point.

start_point, end_point = Point2D([2, 1], unit=u.m), Point2D([0, 1], unit=u.meter)
sketch.arc(start_point, end_point, Point2D([1,1]), tag="Arc")"Arc")

Draw a slot#

You draw a slot by specifying the center, width, and height.

sketch.slot(Point2D([2, 0]), 4, 3, tag="Slot")"Slot")

Draw a box#

You draw a box by specifying the center, width, and height.

[9]:[2, 0]), 4, 5, tag="Box")"Box")

Draw a segment#

You draw a segment by specifying the starting point and ending point.

start_point, end_point = Point2D([2, 1], unit=u.m), Point2D([0, 1], unit=u.meter)
sketch.segment(start_point, end_point, "Segment")"Segment")

Plot the sketch#

The Plotter class provides capabilities for plotting different PyAnsys Geometry objects. PyAnsys Geometry uses PyVista as the visualization backend.

You use the plot_sketch method to plot a sketch. This method accepts a Sketch instance and some extra arguments to further customize the visualization of the sketch. These arguments include showing the plane of the sketch and its frame.

# Plot the sketch in the whole scene
pl = Plotter()
pl.plot_sketch(sketch, show_plane=True, show_frame=True)"panel")