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Sketching: Dynamic sketch plane#

The sketch is a lightweight, two-dimensional modeler driven primarily by client-side execution.

At any point, the current state of a sketch can be used for operations such as extruding a body, projecting a profile, or imprinting curves.

The sketch is designed as an effective functional-style API with all operations receiving 2D configurations.

For easy reuse of sketches across different regions of your design, you can move a sketch around the global coordinate system by modifying the plane defining the current sketch location.

This example creates a multi-layer PCB from many extrusions of the same sketch, creating unique design bodies for each layer.

Perform required imports#

Perform the required imports.

from pint import Quantity

from ansys.geometry.core import Modeler
from ansys.geometry.core.math import UNITVECTOR3D_Z, Point2D
from ansys.geometry.core.misc import UNITS
from ansys.geometry.core.sketch import Sketch

Define sketch profile#

You can create, modify, and plot Sketch instances independent of supporting Geometry service instances.

To define the sketch profile for the PCB, you create a sketch outline of individual Segment and Arc objects with two circular through-hole attachment points added within the profile boundary to maintain a single, closed sketch face.

Create a single Sketch instance to use for multiple design operations.

sketch = Sketch()

    sketch.segment(Point2D([0, 0],, Point2D([40, 1],, "LowerEdge")
      .arc_to_point(Point2D([41.5, 2.5],, Point2D([40, 2.5],, tag="SupportedCorner")
      .segment_to_point(Point2D([41.5, 5],
      .arc_to_point(Point2D([43, 6.5],, Point2D([43, 5],, True)
      .segment_to_point(Point2D([55, 6.5],
      .arc_to_point(Point2D([56.5, 8],, Point2D([55, 8],
      .segment_to_point(Point2D([56.5, 35],
      .arc_to_point(Point2D([55, 36.5],, Point2D([55, 35],
      .segment_to_point(Point2D([0, 36.5],
      .segment_to_point(Point2D([0, 0],
      .circle(Point2D([4, 4],, Quantity(1.5,, "Anchor1")
      .circle(Point2D([51, 34.5],, Quantity(1.5,, "Anchor2")


Extrude multiple bodies#

Establish a server connection and use the single sketch profile to extrude the board profile at multiple Z-offsets. Create a named selection from the resulting list of layer bodies.

Note that translating the sketch plane prior to extrusion is more effective (10 server calls) than creating a design body on the supporting server and then translating the body on the server (20 server calls).

modeler = Modeler()
design = modeler.create_design("ExtrudedBoardProfile")

layers = []
layer_thickness = Quantity(0.20,
for layer_index in range(10):
    layers.append(design.extrude_sketch(f"BoardLayer_{layer_index}", sketch, layer_thickness))
    sketch.translate_sketch_plane_by_distance(UNITVECTOR3D_Z, layer_thickness)

board_named_selection = design.create_named_selection("FullBoard", bodies=layers)