The PyAnsys Geometry designer subpackage organizes geometry assemblies and synchronizes to a supporting Geometry service instance.

Create the model#

This code create the Modeler() object which owns the whole designs tools and data.

from ansys.geometry.core import Modeler

# Create the modeler object itself
modeler = Modeler()

Define the model#

The following code define the model by creating a sketch with a circle on the client. It then creates the model on the server.

from ansys.geometry.core.sketch import Sketch
from ansys.geometry.core.math import Point2D
from ansys.geometry.core.misc import UNITS
from pint import Quantity

# Create a sketch and draw a circle on the client
sketch = Sketch()[10, 10],, Quantity(10,

# Create your design on the server
design_name = "ExtrudeProfile"
design = modeler.create_design(design_name)

Add materials to model#

This code adds the data structure and properties for individual materials:

from ansys.geometry.core.materials.material import Material
from import (

density = Quantity(125, 1000 * / (UNITS.m * UNITS.m * UNITS.m))
poisson_ratio = Quantity(0.33, UNITS.dimensionless)
tensile_strength = Quantity(45)
material = Material(
    [MaterialProperty(MaterialPropertyType.POISSON_RATIO, "myPoisson", poisson_ratio)],
material.add_property(MaterialPropertyType.TENSILE_STRENGTH, "myTensile", Quantity(45))

Create bodies by extruding the sketch#

Extruding a sketch projects all of the specified geometries onto the body. To create a solid body, this code extrudes the sketch profile by a given distance.

body = design.extrude_sketch("JustACircle", sketch, Quantity(10,

Create bodies by extruding the face#

The following code shows how you can also extrude a face profile by a given distance to create a solid body. There are no modifications against the body containing the source face.

longer_body = design.extrude_face(
    "LongerCircleFace", body.faces[0], Quantity(20,

You can also translate and tessellate design bodies and project curves onto them. For more information, see these classes:

Download and save design#

You can save your design to disk or download the design of the active Geometry server instance. The following code shows how to download and save the design.

file = "path/to/download.scdocx"

For more information, see the Design submodule.