Frequently asked questions#

What is PyAnsys?#

PyAnsys is a set of open source Python libraries that allow you to interface with Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT), Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Parametric Design Language (APDL), Ansys Fluent, and other Ansys products.

You can use PyAnsys libraries within a Python environment of your choice in conjunction with external Python libraries.

How is the Ansys Geometry Service installed?#


This question is answered in ansys/pyansys-geometry#1022 and ansys/pyansys-geometry#883

The Ansys Geometry service is available as a standalone service and it is installed through the Ansys unified installer or the automated installer. Both are available for download from the Ansys Customer Portal.

When using the automated installer, the Ansys Geometry service is installed by default.

However, when using the unified installer, it is necessary to pass in the -geometryservice flag to install it.

Overall, the command to install the Ansys Geometry service with the unified installer is:

setup.exe -silent -geometryservice

You can verify that the installation was successful by checking whether the product has been installed on your file directory. If you are using the default installation directory, the product is installed in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\vXXX\GeometryService

Where vXXX is the Ansys version that you have installed.

What Ansys license is needed to run the Geometry service?#


This question is answered in ansys/pyansys-geometry#754.

The Ansys Geometry service is a headless service developed on top of the modeling libraries for Discovery and SpaceClaim.

Both in its standalone and Docker versions, the Ansys Geometry service requires a Discovery Modeling license to run.

To run PyAnsys Geometry against other backends, such as Discovery or SpaceClaim, users must have an Ansys license that allows them to run these Ansys products.

The Discovery Modeling license is one of these licenses, but there are others, such as the Ansys Mechanical Enterprise license, that also allow users to run these Ansys products. However, the Geometry service is only compatible with the Discovery Modeling license.

How to build the Docker image for the Ansys Geometry service?#


This question is answered in ansys/pyansys-geometry#883

To build your own Docker image for the Ansys Geometry service, users should follow the instructions provided in Build from available Ansys installation. The resulting image is a Windows-based Docker image that contains the Ansys Geometry service.

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