Use an existing session#

If a session of Discovery, SpaceClaim, or the Geometry service is already running, PyAnsys Geometry can be used to connect to it.


Running a SpaceClaim or Discovery normal session does not suffice to be able to use it with PyAnsys Geometry. Both products need the ApiServer extension to be running. In this case, to ease the process, you should launch the products directly from the PyAnsys Geometry library as shown in Launch a local session.

Establish the connection#

From Python, establish a connection to the existing client session by creating a Modeler object:

from ansys.geometry.core import Modeler

modeler = Modeler(host="localhost", port=50051)

If no error messages are received, your connection is established successfully. Note that your local port number might differ from the one shown in the preceding code.

Verify the connection#

If you want to verify that the connection is successful, request the status of the client connection inside your Modeler object:

>>> modeler.client
Ansys Geometry Modeler Client (...)
Target:     localhost:50051
Connection: Healthy

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