class ansys.geometry.core.designer.selection.NamedSelection(name: str, grpc_client: ansys.geometry.core.connection.client.GrpcClient, bodies: beartype.typing.Optional[beartype.typing.List[ansys.geometry.core.designer.body.Body]] = None, faces: beartype.typing.Optional[beartype.typing.List[ansys.geometry.core.designer.face.Face]] = None, edges: beartype.typing.Optional[beartype.typing.List[ansys.geometry.core.designer.edge.Edge]] = None, beams: beartype.typing.Optional[beartype.typing.List[ansys.geometry.core.designer.beam.Beam]] = None, design_points: beartype.typing.Optional[beartype.typing.List[ansys.geometry.core.designer.designpoint.DesignPoint]] = None, preexisting_id: beartype.typing.Optional[str] = None)#

Represents a single named selection within the design assembly.

This class synchronizes to a design within a supporting Geometry service instance.

A named selection organizes one or more design entities together for common actions against the entire group.


User-defined name for the named selection.


Active supporting Geometry service instance for design modeling.

bodiesList[Body], default: None

All bodies to include in the named selection.

facesList[Face], default: None

All faces to include in the named selection.

edgesList[Edge], default: None

All edges to include in the named selection.

beamsList[Beam], default: None

All beams to include in the named selection.

design_pointsList[DesignPoints], default: None

All design points to include in the named selection.



ID of the named selection.


Name of the named selection.

Import detail#

from ansys.geometry.core.designer.selection import NamedSelection

Property detail#

property str#

ID of the named selection.

property str#

Name of the named selection.